A good start to 2011
19th January 2011
Just heard that one of my images has been selected for the Royal West of England Academy's Open Photography Exhibtion 2011.
The picture, 'This Little Pig' was only taken with a Panasonic Lumix digital compact so it just goes to show.
The exhibition opens to the public on 20 February and runs until 5 April.
All of the works on show are for sale.
Follow this link to The RWA's homepage and more information on how to get to there.
Landscape Photographer Of The Year 2010
17th December 2010
This brilliant competition goes from strength to strength. The results are in and the winners have been announced. Follow this link to see the winning picture. All of the pictures are on display at The National Gallery as usual until 16 January 2011 and I am hoping to get along to have a look. Otherwise, do what my wife has done and order the book of this year's contestants for Christmas. Thanks, Argi!
South Africa's Bang-Bang Club
15th December 2010
Interesting story on the BBC World Service this morning about The Bang-Bang Club, a team of four photographers who documented the conflict in South Africa between 1990 and 1994. Frequently shot and wounded for their troubles (one of them fatally) these brave people risked everything because they thought it was important to tell the story in pictures. Eventually, as we know, apartheid came to an end and Nelson Mandela won the 1994 elections. The interview was especially interesting because of the involvement the photographer felt with the subjects of his pictures. He described feeling a sense of relief when he was shot because now he was like the poor people he was photographing. A book, a film and an academy-award nominated documentary have been made about these men. Follow this link for more.
Home Office defends rights of photographers
10th December 2010
Check out the web site of The Home Office, regarding the position of photographers in public places.
This says that there is no legal restriction on the right of photographers to take pictures in public places. Furthermore, it goes on to state that there is no presumption of a right to privacy in public places, except where there are children around, which is quite understandable.
So we can all feel free to snap away in public without people telling us that we are infringing their right to privacy.
Still, its a right that needs to be exercised with caution.
Snow bound Bristol
10th December 2010
Were local people bothered by the recent snow falls? Not a bit of it! Cameras at the ready, local photograpers were out in droves snapping away at the snow-covered landscapes, sugar-coated monuments and plants dusted with hoar-frost. Marvellous. Can't wait till it snows again! Have a look at a couple of my images here.
Image 1
Image 2
Looking for stocking fillers for Christmas?
10th December 2010
Excellent value, only £7.99 from WH Smith and also Staples: key-ring photo frames capable of displaying up to 100 jpeg images, easily downloadable from your laptop. I bought 3 pink ones for my nieces and my daughter has one attached to her school bag.
Bristol photographer shows work at Oxfam
10th December 2010
Local photographer Gary Newman has examples of his work on show at Oxfam, Princess Victoria Street, Clifton. He specialises in long exposure landscapes and it is possible to buy prints and greetings cards of his work. Wonderful work and well worth a look. Follow the link to his web site.