Time | Out
23rd April 2012
I think that sometimes it does you good to have a break. Whether its from taking photographs or writing music, it might just be that you need to put down whatever you're doing and do something else for a while. Then you can return refreshed by what you have seen and heard elsewhere. I did this recently. I was feeling a bit uninspired and stifled by the seriousness of what I was doing. So I just let it go and didn't take many pictures or think about it much for a while. Before long I was getting ideas popping into my head and couldn't wait to get back to it. Hey ho...
Camera Clubs 101
22nd April 2012
Some people get a bit snooty about camera clubs.
I'm not sure why.
Personally I derive a lot of benefit from being a member of BPS.
The guest speakers are often very good and their pictures frequently inspire me to try new things.
Sometimes the talk is of technical matters and that can be very helpful too but for me the most enjoyable part of being a member of a club is taking part in competitions.
The judge gives you valuable feedback and you are able to measure your skill against other members.
If you win something, it feels great!
I would agree that the quality varies greatly but you can always learn from others' mistakes.
My one bugbear is wildlife photography.
Now there are some tremendously skilled wildlife photographers in BPS.
However I once sat through a slide show of 623 wild birds and I have to say that after the first hundred or so my interest started to wane a bit.
Royal Photographic Society 155th International Print Exhibition
18th April 2012
One of my prints has been chosen for this prestigious exhibition. I am told that of the 2,800 prints submitted by 747 photographers worldwide, only 123 were selected for the actual exhibition which is sponsored by Allen and Overy LLP, at whose premises in London the opening reception takes place on 18 July. I think I might go along to that one! Subsequently the exhibition tours the UK for a year.
Entering photographic competitions
23rd March 2012
Here is a a Youtube clip of myself appearing alongside Damien Demolder, Editor of AP, on The Alan Titchmarsh Show broadcast on ITV1 on 21 March 2012. Nice suit but apologies for the terrible video quality.

Stoke Bishop Art Fair
16th March 2012
Tomorrow promises to be a really lovely day. We'll be spending it at an art fair at Stoke Bishop Village Hall here in Bristol, selling prints, gifts and photobooks. Let's hope we attract a lot of interest.
Art Exhibition And Sale
Estune Cover
10th March 2012
The Estune magazine features one of my pics on the front cover of its latest issue. The colour of the stone gives it away. Taken in the Cotswolds last summer, it was part of a series of pictures taken in an old farmyard near Snowshill.

Appearing on the Alan Titchmarsh Show
24th February 2012
A bit of a gobsmacker this one - got invited to appear on the Alan Titchmarsh show on ITV1 on Monday talking about photography and entering photographic competitions, based upon my experiences last year in APOY. So they're paying for my train journey up to London on Monday, where I will be met and taken by car to ITV's studios near Waterloo to record a short interview with Alan. Now I did not expect that!
The Master Photographers BBC (1983)
22nd January 2012
Not really news and I suppose that many people will have seen this series already. I hadn't seen it before I came across it by accident on Youtube. Bill Brandt, Cartier-Bresson, Kertesz, Arbus, etc. I find it a great help to hear the thoughts and processes of these great photographers. How different were their lives and yet how similar in many ways.

Olympus PEN Advert
17th December 2011
It was really great to have my picture selected for the new Olympus PEN advertisement this month. I really like street shooting as well as the studio stuff and landscapes you will see here. Anyway I won a really nice Olympus lens which I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on.
This web site has been up and running for a year now and it's been a great first year in photography. Lots to learn, a lot of fun and some sucess in competitions and international exhibitions.
Street Photography in London
25th November 2011
Great day out with the staff of AP in London yesterday trying out the new Olympus micro four-thirds. Good camera for street photography.
Olympus PEN Competition
21st November 2011
Off to London on Thursday 24 November where me and four other photographers will attempt to take photos for an Olympus PEN advertisement this Christmas.
RWA 159 Open Exhibition
09th October 2011
Just had a couple of pics preselected for the Royal West of England Acacdemy's Autumn Open Exhibition. Will they be hung? Hope so.
32nd Northern Counties International Salon
06th September 2011
Got one of mine accepted but no ribbons or medals. Still, nice to be accepted and looking forward to seeing the catalogue when it is published.
32nd Northern Counties International Salon
BPOTY 2011
13th August 2011
It was nice to have a picture shortlisted in Black White Photography Magazine's Photographer of the Year Competition. A seascape of Carnlough Harbour in County Antrim, a place so photogenic that you hardly need to look through the viewfinder.
Carnlough Harbour
People at Home
01st August 2011
Just heard I won Round 6 of APOY with a picture of me in the bath. Pleased as punch.
What Lies Beneath: A self portait of the photographer in the bath
APOY 2011
20th June 2011
I was quite pleased to get another one of mine in the Top 30 of Amateur Photographer of the Year 2011. Macro in Nature was the theme of Round 4 and I chose an image of a snail sitting on the end of a fork (which you can see in my portfolio here.) Anyway it came in 16th which isn't too bad. Wonder how I'll do next month. Here's a link to the APOY website and my pic
Bristol Photographic Society Annual Print Competition
03rd June 2011
Two of my pics did well in the Bristol Photographic Society Annual print competition this week: first place for an infrared image of Stonehenge that I didn't rate very highly but which my wife persuaded me to enter; and second place for the HDR black and white image of The Wesley Chapel in Bristol; both of which can be seen here in these pages.
Amateur Photographer of The Year 2011
26th April 2011
Nice to get one of mine in the top thirty for Round Two - Inside a Building.
Follow this link to see the image for yourself.
Wesleyan Chapel Bristol
Royal West of England Open Photography Exhibition
18th February 2011
Thr RWA's Open Photography opens on 20 February and runs until 5 April. All of the work is for sale and it promises to be an excellent show. Look out for my one photograph entitled 'This Little Pig' - a snip at £75. The RWA is located in Bristol and has all sorts of exhibitions at other times. It is located on Queens Road in Clifton, just opposite The Victoria Rooms.
Hipstamatics Rule
27th January 2011
There are some great images on view at at the moment, which were all created with an iPhone app which simulates the Polaroid snaps which many of us will remember from the 1970s. This started online and is now showcased in an exhibition at the Orange Dot Gallery in London. What I like about this one is the way that new technology changes our way of looking at the world in general and photography in particular. Everyone can compose at least one piece of music, write at least one poem, paint at least one picture or take at least one photograph that captures your attention. Look at children’s art and see what I mean. Of course it doesn’t turn everyone into artists or poets, musicians or professional photographers. But that’s the point. We enjoy the work of a great musician but there’s also something captivating about the work of the amateur. Outsider Art. Folk Art. Art Brut. Art as an activity not as an occupation or a career. Discuss. :-)