New book: RPS Western Region 2011/12
12th March 2013
Very pleased to have a panel of my pictures included in this new book published by the Royal Photographic Society which features some of the best panels of the last two years.

Follow this link to see a preview of the book.
What sells?
02nd March 2013
There are two answers to this question.

First, we have found that people like photographs of local scenes, animals and, surprisingly, infared photography.

So the answer seems to be: shoot more of these subjects.

The second answer to what sells seems to be a good salesman. Or in my case a good saleswoman.

We spent the day at a local art fair and sold five prints and lots of greetings cards, mainly because my wife was 'manning' the stall and did the business for me while I looked on.

Here is a picture of her at work.

BPS Print Competition Latest
22nd February 2013
Got a Highly Commended on Wednesday night in the Bristol Photographic Society Print Competition. Not the picture I would have chosen but it just goes to show. Judge Monica Weller ARPS seemed to disagree. Here's the pic.
BPS Print Competition
06th December 2012
This one was highly commended in Bristol Photographic Society's Print Competition last night, judged by Jay Charnock FRPS who wondered if the picture was made in Photoshop. But no, it was all done in camera. A good evening with some really good photography on show.

New photobook: untitled
20th November 2012
Made a new photobook today. Hardback, high quality premium lustre paper, available on Blurb. Follow this link or go to my Photobook page for a preview.
07th November 2012
Today I got recommended for a Licentiateship of The Royal Photographic Society. A bit nerve-wracking. I kept thinking: what happens if the photo mounts fall apart or they don't like my pictures? Well the judges seemed pretty unequivocal so I needn't have worried. And the mounts were fine too.
Now I get to put the letters LRPS after my name and to use the logo if I want. So that's one less thing to worry about.
Moriyama and Klein Exhibit at Tate Modern
01st November 2012
These two photographers are seriously unsettling but in a good way. Moriyama in particular is shocking and inspiring at the same time. He says 'My approach is very simple - there is no artistry, I just shoot freely. For me, photography is not about an attempt to create a two-dimensional work of art.' He frequently employs a no-viewfinder technique. His pictures are, by conventional standards, blurry, grainy, and badly composed. He is a sort of punk photographer who rejects the notion of photography as objective. He even photographs other people's photographs in magazines.
I'm not sure what the Royal Photographic Society or even Bristol Photographic Society would make of it, but I love it. Most of his pictures, particularly in his book 'Farewell Photography' look like the camera went off by accident when he was getting it out of the bag. They are the sort of photos most people would press the delete button for and I'm not sure if it makes me want to be a better photographer or a worse one. Anyway I really enjoyed the exhibition. Here is a link to Moriyama's website.
The Stitch Project
24th October 2012
The Stitch Project has been running an online competition to find images for a calendar with the theme of 'There is no Planet B.'

Follow this link and view the photos online.

Then go to the Stitch Project Facebook page and 'like' my photo.

APOY 2012 Round 7 Street Photography
22nd September 2012
It feels great to have another one of my pictures selected for this prestigious competition and even better to get into the top 30. My image was taken in St Werburgh's in Bristol on a cold dark winter's evening and depicts a graffiti artist (barely visible in the top right corner) hard at work.
Suddenly a passer-by enters the scene from the left.
I wanted him right there under the face on the wall and seemingly threatened by the arrow pointing directly at him.
So I needed a bit of luck, a bit of vision and a bit of patience till the right person came along.
This picture came in at number 11 and is published in this week's copy of Amateur Photographer magazine. It'll be on their website soon but here it is anyway. Hope you like it.
Western Region Members' Exhibition 2012
19th September 2012
This fine selection of prints, two of which are by me, is currently being exhibited at
Bath Public Library, The Podium, Bath until Saturday 22 September (9.30am to 17.00 pm) and thereafter at the following locations:

Swindon West Library, The Link Centre, Swindon – Monday 5th November to Saturday 17th November 2012
Taunton Central Library – 26th November to 8th December 2012.

There's some great stuff there and the opportunity to vote for your favourite picture.
RPS Exhibition opens at Banbury
17th September 2012
The Royal Photographic Society's Annual Print Exhibition has opened in Banbury. Please go and see it and if possible, buy a copy of my humble effort.
You can see it and all the other amazing pictures at:
Banbury Museum and Art Gallery, Banbury OX16 2PQ

The exhibition lasts until 10 November 2012
A bit more APOY 2012
22nd August 2012
Just discovered I've had another one selected for APOY 2012. The theme this time was Architecture and my picture was an HDR shot of the interior of Stykkisholmur Church in Iceland.
Mike Stanley
09th August 2012
Mike and I were at school and college together so we've probably known each other for most of our lives now. That's why photographing Mike was so easy. In addition to writing and performing his own songs he's quite a good photographic model.
Follow the link to see what I mean and hear some of his sounds.

Mike Stanley's Official Web Site
Not to be missed
30th July 2012
The Royal Photographic Society's 155th International Print Exhibition is now open.

This is one of the top photographic exhibitions in the world and gives you a chance to see some really great photos, including mine.

It runs until 9 September at:

Allen & Overy
One Bishops Square
London E1 6AD
Mon - Friday 9.30 - 5.30, Weekends 10 - 5. Free entry

After that, its going to be touring the country for the rest of the year, so if you don't live near London there are other opportunities to catch it.

Here's a link to the full touring schedule. Venues155ipecolour

If you see what you like then all the prints are for sale, so bring your credit card! (And buy one of mine!)
Amateur Photographer of the Year 2012
27th July 2012
One of my pictures got in the top 50: New Rose. Its part of a cool series of pictures I'm making at the moment where everything is going to be white.

The standard this year in APOY seems to be higher than ever.

Garmston Bowl
27th June 2012
Just won 3rd place in Bristol Photographic Society's Garmston Bowl competition for a series of five prints. Good result. The first and second place went to two very experienced photographers, so well done to them. Anyway, 3rd place isn't bad. Also got Highly Commended for a series of 3 images in the President's Cup competition. So quite a good evening.
Cotswold Monochrome Salon 2012
14th June 2012
Pleasantly surprised to get four of my prints selected for this prestigious exhibition which opens on 2 August in Gloucester. More details here.
Golden Cleric Award
07th June 2012
Won the BPS Annual Print Competition (Intermediate) last night with a grab shot of some rather wet people taken through the windscreen of my car in first place and a carefully posed portrait of my lovely daughter coming in 3rd. I've been given a nice little cup to put on my desk. My wife calls it my 'Golden Cleric Award' which will only mean anything if you have ever watched Father Ted.
The Estune Cover
12th May 2012
Good old Nigel Harper of The Estune. He keeps using my pics on the front cover of the magazine and I'm very grateful to him for the byline inside.
Nice but dim
30th April 2012
Got a bit of a boost when I heard that I came first in the BPS Print Competition this year. Every two months you submit three prints and if you are lucky some visiting expert awards you points. After four rounds the one with most points wins the coveted title. Hooray.