Digital Camera Magazine June 2017
27th April 2017
Look out for a feature on the RPS Members' Biennial 2017 in next month's issue.
BPS Print Competition 2016-7
24th April 2017
Round 4 and these two images received Highly Commended awards.

There is a Light That Never Goes Out.

Return to Saigon.
Bristol Photographic Society Print Competition
06th March 2017
Pleased that this picture was awarded a Highly Commended recently in this competition.

31st January 2017
I am so lucky to have such wonderful people to photograph and I was reminded of this last week when this man came to our house to have his portrait taken.

RPS Members Biennial 2017
31st January 2017
Very pleased to hear that this image has been chosen for The Royal Photographic Society's Members' Biennial Exhibition 2017.

It's a photograph of a Surma tribesman photographed in the Omo Valley in Southern Ethiopia earlier this year.

It's such an honour to be selected for this prestigious exhibition.

BPS Print Competition 2016-7
30th January 2017
This picture of my old friend Mike, entitled 'Brother Michael' was Highly Comended in this year's competition.

Royal West of England Academy Open Exhibition 164
30th September 2016

Every year the Royal West of England Academy has an open exhibition of painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, mixed media, everything.

Now, three years ago, I made a series of photos.

At that time I was quite pissed off about the so called War on Terror and the fact that Barack Obama had seemed to promise much but it was just business as usual.

So I used to sit in front of my screen with my iPhone and take these pictures of dead people and drones and bombings and Guantanamo that were just frightening but real.

Afterwards, the pictures just sat on my hard drive for three years until this summer when I put five of them into a print competition at BPS. They hated them and said they weren't really photographs but the guest judge seemed to understand them and like them and awarded me third place.

Then I thought about submitting all of them to the RPS to see what they thought but unfortunately they have these rules about copyright and using other people's images (which I understand completely.)

However, now the RWA have just accepted them in their Open Exhibition.

Which is great because while they may not be photographs in the normally accepted sense of the word, whatever that means, they mean something. To me, at any rate. And they might mean something to someone else.

This is what I wrote in support of my photos when I was thinking about submitting them to the RPS:

"Part documentary, part polemic, this series of pictures aims to show the 'War on Terror' as conducted by the USA and its allies and the way it is presented to us on the internet and via social media.

For almost the first time in our history we are free to witness scenes of violence, death and cruelty taking place thousands of miles away as if they were happening in our own homes.

Played out on our screens the drama of the West's continuing persecution of those who would defy it becomes almost commonplace.

What effect this will have on our collective consciousness remains to be seen.

I hope in this panel of images to address not only these issues but also the centrality of seeing in photography.

All photos were taken with the camera of an iPhone 5s and the Cameramatic iPhone app."

The exhibition runs from 9 October to 27 November 2016 and all work is for sale.
RPS International Print 159
01st July 2016
Shore Leave was shortlisted for the Royal Photographic Society's Annual International Print Exhibition this year.

Cotswold Salon 2016
01st July 2016
Three pictures accepted this year in this prestigious Black and White Salon.
Shore Leave, High Noon and Izabella (below.)

BPS Garmston Bowl 2016
30th June 2016
Very interesting evening at Bristol Photographic Society.
The Garmston Bowl is the club's main event of the year.
It calls for panels of 5 photographs on any theme and you can see my entry below (unmounted, of course.)
The judge was Chris Palmer FRPS DPAGB APAGB AFIAP and he enthused about it.
I was pleased with it too. It takes a lot of thought and a bit of hard work to put these panels together.
Anyway, he expressed the opinion that although he loved it he was concerned that it might not be acceptable that the winner in a competition held by a Photographic Society might be composed of non-photographs. Or, as he put it, screen grabs.
The pictures themselves were actually all photos, taken with an iPhone admittedly, and I tried to make that evident by including a rebate in each photo as you can see.
I always felt that the panel would ask a lot of questions and I'm glad that Chris seemed to see that.
I'm very proud of them and feel that by any definition of photography, these are all photos.
I came third and was pleased with that but would have liked to have won.
Hey ho!
The winner was Peter Brisley who also won it last year. Well done to him. I'm happy to be in the frame with such great photographers as him.

The Bristol Magazine
25th April 2016
The Bristol Magazine has just published this article on my Cotswolds Summer Workshops,
Bristol Photographic Society Prints 2016
23rd April 2016
Came third in the last round of this year's competition and fourth equal overall.
These two pictures were in the final cut:
Queen of The Ritz (Highly Commended) and Raphaella (3rd Place.)

BPS Print Competition 2015-16
24th March 2016
Title: Avalon
Model: Emma Faye.
Location: Blaise Castle, Bristol.
This one was highly commended by Glyn Edmunds, ARPS, ARSA, ERSA, EFIAP/s

BPS Print Competition 2015
30th April 2015
Well the votes are in and the judges have all done their thing, whether we agree with them or not, and at the end of many months and four rounds of competitions, I didn't win again. Overall, I finished second (again) and I have to feel pleased with that, because the winner was the noted photographer and all-round big cheese, John Chamberlin. In the final round, judged by Roy Thomas APAGB, I got two Highly Commended, one of which, a view taken near Salcombe, is below.

BPS Print Competition 2015
10th March 2015
Pleased that this portrait of local musician jenny Stanley did so well in the BPS Print Competition last week, coming first in what I thought was a very strong field. The judge was Leigh Preston.

Bristol Photographic Society
11th December 2014
Quite a good start to the year at BPS last night. in the second round of the print competition (having missed the first round when I was away somewhere) the picture which you can see on the homepage at the moment was highly commended and this picture came in third. The title is 'Mother' because it reminds me of the Louise Bourgeois sculpture. John Chamberlin took first and second place, so that was okay. The judge was Adrian Herring.
BPS Annual Print Competition 2014
05th June 2014
Good night at Bristol Photographic Society last night. In the Annual Print Competition I entered 7 prints and came away with 3 Highly Commended, 3rd place, 1st place and Best Portrait for School of Science.

London Salon
26th May 2014
Received a medal from the London Salon on Saturday. And here it is.

London Salon of Photography Exhibition 2014
14th May 2014
The list of acceptances and medal winners for the London Salon of Photography's 103rd Exhibition has been announced. There were around 100 accepted prints and 10 medals awarded this year. I had two accepted and one medal. Quite looking forward to receiving that. Follow the link to see all of the images. The exhibition opens in London, moves on to the West Midlands and finishes in Edinburgh. If you feel like seeing it, more details are available at the London Salon website.

Link to London Salon of Photography's website
PIcture of the Week
21st April 2014
Damien Demolder made this one his picture of the week in the latest edition of Amateur Photographer magazine. Always liked old Damien.

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