Learn how to use your digital camera.

Through my workshops and classes, many people have done just that.

My aim is to get you to use your camera in Manual mode so that you are confident and can produce sharp, well-exposed pictures easily.

I find that 6 hours is usually enough to cover the basics of good exposure and how to achieve it with your camera.

Some people prefer to do it all in one day but the best results occur when they take three 2 hour classes with time in between to practice what they learn with me.

My charges are quite modest and include the use of my studio, computer and software.

The classes are very practical and you will be taking lots of pictures and then viewing them
on the computer screen.

You will be learning all about your camera but also about light and how to take the sort of pictures that you want to take.

In addition, after the classes have finished I offer free email support for any questions you might have in the future, free of charge.

I do hope that you will decide to book a series of classes with me.

I look forward to showing you how to get the best out of your camera.

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